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Live Traffic monitor of your web site

Real Time Visitor Monitoring = Live Respone Application 

The Live Response Desktop Application provides real time visitor monitoring across your entire support desk and any page that displays the live chat button or (optional) visitor tracking JavaScript code. You can monitor user footprints (navigation history), the time spent on your websites as well as other detailed user information such as their country (represented by a small flag), screen size, browser, operating system, referrer and search engine information.

Search Engine Integration

Easily see what search engine a visitor used to reach your site and with what search query (keywords) they used. Use this feature to boost your site's SEO effectiveness and to better relate with visitors who would like to chat. Visitors who have reached your site via a search engine will be displayed in a different color (customizable through the support desk) than the rest, for easy identification.

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Live Web Chat with your visitors ... please visit for latest version and new features

Allows staff users to chat with clients and other staff users all from one location. Providing many configurable options, the Livechat Client Application can be fully customized to meet the need of each staff user/support desk combination. The interval at which site visitor data is retrieved can be customized, along with almost every other aspect of the application.


Engage Potential Customers
Break down the virtual barrier by engaging site visitors in real conversation. A "live chat" button can be placed on any page of your website as well as on the support desk home page. Visitors can request a live chat session, or a staff user can proactively request to chat with the visitor (see below). Visitors only need a web browser to chat, and since the live chat system utilizes AJAX, no page reloads are required, creating a fluid and seamless chat experience.
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SMS Alert Service

smsOur SMS system will send you a SMS alert message when you website; server; internet connection or router were down. You can check your devices before your boss call you ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc