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A Bulletin Board System or BBS (also a community board, forum, discussion group, SNC) is a computer server side Webbase software that allows internet users/guests have dicussion on topics. Once user logged in, the user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, share picture, share opinions, raise topic, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users the boards, and sometimes via direct chat within OWN community. i.e. Estate, University, School, Company, NGO

BBS is one of the good midea for Residential discussion Estate management, Policy discussion, Gardening discussion, School/Educations/Class Media, Material/media sharing within own community, NO data sharing with Google/Facebook or any other public social network ...

We are supporting TWO most popular BBS platforms : phpBB and Discuz!

We are providingc : Server hardware, Cloud Server, 7x24 Data center, SQL server, Firewall, Zabbix Networking monitoring, Server Hosting, BBS Software, BBS installation; Setup, Platform initial setup, Platform management, Users management, Admin console, AD banner, Security audit, Traffic audit, Sensitive words filtering rules ...
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We are providing full range support services for Email system ... i.e. Exchange, Lotus Domino, Zimbra, mDaemon, SmarterMail, Mailenable, IceWarp, Merak, iMail, Coremail, Linux platform : Dovecot, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail ...

Keep your Email Server running in good conditon and more secured ? You may need field expert.

We are running ISP business, Email Hosting, and providing Email Server solution. We well understand most brand of email server, We are operating most brand of Email Server over 18 years

service_keyboard.jpgscope of services include server setup and installation, patch update, security audit, spare machine, backup whole system, trouble shooting, disaster recovery, mail routing rule, AD/LDAP integration, SSO, Outlook integration, server migration, AntiSpam gateway integration, Mobile Sync, File Sync, Dropbox integration.

Here are some real practice for a Email system. support & maintenance are essential factor.

Make sure you are considering can cover the following for your system :

  • Email Server Software and application updates.
  • AntiSpam, Antivirus, Spoofing, Phishing  ... definition update, latest patch ...
  • Rollback ability
  • Testing procedures, audit report
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • Incident Management
  • Data Backup plan
  • Backup/standby machine
  • Zabbix Network Problem detection and history log

Call +852.23700993 for support

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SMS Alert Service

smsOur SMS system will send you a SMS alert message when you website; server; internet connection or router were down. You can check your devices before your boss call you ...

Call Sales and Support

Please whatsapp/call office +852.23700993 or Email : sales_team @ for enquiry ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc