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Netgate Security

NetGate Firewall with pfSense firmware, the future of secure networking is here. Scalable performance. Superior value. Cloud or premises. Enterprise Ready, NGFW : next generation firewall protocol.

OSIgate Security


OSIgate Firewall with OPNSense firmware, the future of cyber security. Scalable performance. Superior value. Enterprise Ready, Snort, Suricata, NGFW : next generation firewall protocol.

Cisco Security

Cisco Security : Advanced defenses for advanced attacks. NGFW: Next Generation FireWall

1sthost Wechat Apps, Email and Firewall Expert


WeChat Salesforce CRM

connecting with Wechat social network.
a mobile app more than expactation ...

  1. Customers tracking
  2. Sales opporturnity track
  3. Sales force monitoring
  4. Client follow up
  5. Communications with client
  6. IM Chat/Group Chat
  7. Sales performance trace

please call us at +852.23120878 for enquiry
email : [wechatapps(at)]
Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878


Salesforce CRM on WeChat social network,
connection with ONE billion users



better image, communincation, project plan, report, favour tag



Chat, sales follow, customer services and support



Geo/GPS tracking,  focus sector and interest group, higher chance

wechat_crm_salesforce_ui2.png wechat_crm_salesforce_ui3.png



WeChat Event Manager

WeChat App for Event/Expo/Seminar/Training/Trade Show/Car Show/Road Show Music Concert Management

  1. Promotion
  2. Invititation and Checking
  3. Booking/Appointment
  4. Enrollment
please call us at +852.23120878
email : [wechatapps(at)]
Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878
for further enquiry ...
Event Management                                         WeChat Mini Apps for Mobile                                   Push Event Poster
Event Booking                                                       Event Ticketing                                               Event Auditing

Vistors check in work flow ...

  1. mobile QR code check in
  2. face detection check in
  3. bar gate check in
  4. ID card check in
  5. membership card check in
  6. vistor VIP card check in
  7. WeChat check in  ***
  8. Mini App check in
  9. Geo /GPS check in
  10. Scan QR code check in
  11. Ticket check in
Event signboard        Message board           Picture board           VIP board               Pop up board            TV board
Lucky Draw               Rotary Game          Mobile Shake Shake          Voting                 Pocket Money        Shooting Game

BIG Data Analysis via WeChat data sources

Enrollment                Sign in statistic        Interactive statistic      participation stat        Vistors flow           Vistors Stat
Company Annual event         Seminar             Car Show                Celebration             Social Event        Music Concert
WeChat Retail; POS and Apps

Front End POS + Retail Apps + WeChat Public Account + WeChat payment + WeChat Membership /Coupon + Service records + Product Booking + Deposit + Wechat Social Network

= Your own Retail POS + Mobile POS Business operating platform

please call  +852.23120878 or email : [wechatapps(at)] or Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878 for further enquiry ...

WeChat Retail solutions for wide range of retail business : SPA, Massaging, KTV, Bar, Restaurant, Shopping Mall,

Beauty Center, Educations, Sport, Fitness center, Wedding, Lifesytle services ...


WeChat Retail core at Mobile


WeChat Retail Membership system; Perpaid Card system, eWallet


WeChat Retail marketing : Sharing ONE 1 billion users from WeChat, online or offline, easy to capture sales


WeChat Retail Coupon


WeChat Retail Loyal customer programs, referral programs, VIP ...


WeChat Retail POS : support multiple type of POS station, PC or Mobile base


WeChat Retail Big data analysis : no any other Retail or POS solutions can offer the same analysis

Operational Big Data Financial Data    
Customers data 
Sales Analysis



WeChat eShop sample

please call +852.23120878 or email : [wechatapps(at)] or Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878 for further enquiry ...

Eshop Personal info Center = you have huge Wechat users base, huge market on your hand ....

Push Notification = Free Advertisment on Wechat
wechat_eshop_personal_center.png wechat_eshop_notification.jpg
Products Mobile Catalog
Products Mobile Poster
wechat_eshop_frontpage.png wechat_eshop_promotion.png

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart at list mode
wechat_eshop_cart.png wechat_eshop_catalog.png
Wechat Website

WeChat is the most popular social platform in China.

Nowaday, WeChat is NOT only a instant messaging platform. WeChat is far beyond the traditional mobile chat platform.

One of the great feature is Mobile Website on Wechat, support all type of mobile; tablet; computer.
You can not miss the WebChat Website feature if you are running business in China.

You may need to register your WeChat Public Account asap.

please call us at +852.23120878 or email : [wechatapps(at)] or Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878 for further enquiry ...


Here are some sample of Mobile Website on Wechat platform ... You can push your message/advertisment/promotion to WeChat users group or your consumer group ...

Your consumer group can search your website by click the Wechat "Nearby" feature. The most important is you can have real consumer identity via WeChat platform.


Here are the possible Website for different business ...  please call us at +852.23120878  or Whatsapp BA: +852.23120878 for further enquiry ...

Mobile Website on WebChat platform, Company Official web, Wedding Photography, Car sales, Educations, Real Estate, Sport, Finance, Jewelry, Home Deco, Medical, Shopping Mall, Wedding, Dining, Hotel, Hostel, KTV, Travel, Insurance, Tatto, Spa, Hair; Nail and Beauty saloon, Massage Center, School, Property management ...


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