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you can issue a ticket to 
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call office +852.2370 0993
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1sthost Wechat Apps, Email and Firewall Expert


Cloud Email 5G Email Plan A

Cloud Email Plan A

Storage Size 5G
Email Account 5
Traffic Limit (Under Normal Operation) Unlimited
Can use own Domain Name (.com, .hk, .cn  ... etc) alt
Price (monthly), Special offer now



Optional Features

iPhone, iPad, Android Push Email; Mobile Sync ask



WeChat Apps

wechat.jpgApps on WeChat Social Network :Website on WeChat; eCommerce; Beauty Saloon, Retail; Event Manager; CRM; Hotel Apps ... Call our office : 23700993

Call Sales and Support

Please whatsapp/call office +852.23700993 or Email : sales_team @ 1sthost.com for enquiry ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc