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Email Pro 10G Email Pro Plan A

Email Professional Plan A

Email Pro = the Heavy Duty Email + GroupWare System

Storage Size 10G
Email Account 10
Unlimited Traffic (Under Normal Operation) Unlimited
Can use own Domain Name (.com, .hk, .cn  ... etc) alt
Hong Kong and China Distributed Servers, multi-gateway
Heavy Duty Mail Processing Server, Multi-Servers
Price (monthly) HK$198
Payment Period Quarterly

Mobile Sync ; Mobile Push Mail

iPhone, iPad, Android Push Email and Mobile Sync. Personal Calendar, Tasks, Contacts or Group Calendar, Group Contacts 10 accounts
(multi mobiles)


Group Calendar, Events, Tasks, Contacts; Sharing; Public folders; Group folders, Access Control List greentick18

Instant Messaging, Chat

Private Group secure Chat, IM via webmail, Mobile IM redtick18
XMPP, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ gateway redtick18


Hong Kong Servers; China Servers both available
IDC options : HK Data Center, China Data Center ...


WeChat Apps

wechat.jpgApps on WeChat Social Network :Website on WeChat; eCommerce; Beauty Saloon, Retail; Event Manager; CRM; Hotel Apps ... Call our office : 23700993

eDM Email Marketing

emailmarketing.pngSubscribers management, unsubscribe, Email Advestisment design, Campaigns control and Statistics ... Call our office : 23700993. eDM work flow : [Advestisment Email] -> [eDM cloud] -> [delivery to Subscribers]

Call Sales and Support

Please call +852.23700993 or Email : sales_team @ for Sales Enquiry ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc