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Web valud added services

We do Style, Western Design, Dynamic Contents, Rich Features Website ...

  1. Web site visitor tracking system
  2. Web site visitor online chat
  3. Web base Customer Service Center
  4. Web base document management system
  5. Web base CRM
  6. eShop and eShop payment gateway
  7. eShop and PayPal integration
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Power of Web2.0, Power of Ajax, 

the 2nd Generation Web Design Technology ...

Zoom effect or single images can be inserted in web pages.
Cick to see the Zoom feature demo below:

sample image1 sample image1 sample image3 sample image4 sample image5 sample image6 sample image7 sample image8

Web Site Features 

  • Online self-edit web content.
    Enter your the Administrator's Username and password,  jump to the web page need to be update, just need to click 'edit button' to edit page. Easy, fast and self-controlled. Support Multi-user !

    (click me)
  • Search Engine Friendly Web site structure.
    Too often web designers build websites that look pretty, just pretty, but don’t get good web site traffic. With our web design services. We focus on a website project that are search engine friendly structure. Search Engine Friendly mean your protential web client can search you; reach you more easily by most popular Google, Yahoo, Baidu ...
  • Style Menu, 3D type menu, Pull down menu, mix menu, 2 layer, 3 layer menu ... 

    pulldown300     3dmenu150
  • Content Mangement
    Hits Counter, Web page performance, Author. Select either Edit or New, depending on whether you want to do for your web content.  Just as easy as click the 'edit' button

    managed content(click me)
  • Web page content control and Classification
    Section, Category, Pubished, Author, Start Publishing date, Finish Publishing date, Access Level ... all can be control as the screenshot below.

    content control
  • Web content Search Engine:
    let your web visitors easy find out what they want ...  Search Engine support many conbinations ... sections, categories ... etc

  • Print specified web page :
    a Print web page button, but only print current product web content,
    No need to print whole web page. All your clients like this feature. because they can print your product info. for filing or for internal meeting
  • Send Email link of specified web page:
    a Email web page button, You staffs can send the exact product info. Page to you client from website by a single button, You staff and client like this feature.

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SMS Alert Service

smsOur SMS system will send you a SMS alert message when you website; server; internet connection or router were down. You can check your devices before your boss call you ...

Email Certificate

1sthost proud to provide Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates, Prevent Email spoofing, prevent forged sender. Digital Sign of Email, Encryption of Email ... etc