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HP & Dell Server

We are using HP and Dell servers in Hong Kong and China Data Centers.

1sthost Wechat Apps, Email and Firewall Expert


Cloud Server


A dedicated cloud server is an advance virtual machine technology in which the client leases an entire-like server with FULL management with own security policy; own SQL Server and own hard disk volume. This is more flexible and secure than shared web hosting, As organizations have full control over the server, including the choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

Using a dedicated cloud server service offers the benefits of high performance, security, email stability, and control. Due to the relatively higher price of dedicated server, it is mostly used for dedicated ERP, SAP, CRM and Messaging Server.

More Flexible : can increase CPU core / RAM / increase storage size via back end cloud server management platform, more flexiable infrastructure deployment, i.e. direct attached USB hard disk copy routine data backup, own didicated IP Windows or Linux OS platform

More Secure : own hard disk volume, data can only access by own cloud server, own Database, own users management, own security policy, own server SSL certificate.

Cloud server may seem little bit expensive but in terms of security and performance it is very reliable. It is something that is well worth for the deploy rapidly with flexiable expension option . You can get dedicated cloud server on affordable price than you think from us.

Additional Support Service : client can request to have a clone of their Cloud Server into a USB storage, then client can deploy the the VM to own server. (backup and export Cloud Server Clone copy will involve extra working time and labour charge,  3 hrs for 500G, 4 hrs for 1T backup ...)

We are using KVM, ZEN, Hyper-V and VMware platform, those are well support both Windows and Linux platform.



WeChat Apps

wechat.jpgApps on WeChat Social Network :Website on WeChat; eCommerce; Beauty Saloon, Retail; Event Manager; CRM; Hotel Apps ... Call our office : 23700993

eDM Email Marketing

emailmarketing.pngSubscribers management, unsubscribe, Email Advestisment design, Campaigns control and Statistics ... Call our office : 23700993. eDM work flow : [Advestisment Email] -> [eDM cloud] -> [delivery to Subscribers]